Research students and postdocs

  • Noah Day, PhD 2021– (Uni Adelaide)
  • Jordan Pitt, Postdoc 2021– (Uni Adelaide)
  • Jie Liang, PhD 2021– (Uni Adelaide)
  • Nathan Teder, PhD 2020– (Uni Adelaide), A susceptibility index for swell-induced ice shelf disintegration, with Drs Rob Masson (Australian Antarctic Division) and Phil Reid (Bureau of Meteorology).
  • Raphael Alwan, PhD 2020– (Uni Adelaide), Investigation of the Hydrodynamic Performance of Hybrid Wind and Wave Energy Converters Arrays.
  • Jiahao Kong, PhD 2020– (Uni Adelaide), Flow control in rough wall turbulence, with Dr Rey Chin.
  • Balaje Kalyanaraman, PhD 2018– (Uni Newcastle), with A/P Mike Meylan and Dr Bishnu Lamichhane.