***PhD scholarship available***

Project title: Theory of wave propagation in nonlinear acoustic metamaterials

Project description: In this project, you will conduct a theoretical study of acoustic metamaterials (AMMs) for applications in effective sound insulation. AMMs are composite materials, constructed from repeating micro-structural (sub-wavelength) elements, in which the properties of the elements and their arrangement are tuned to produce a desired macro-structural property — in this case, to prevent sound from propagating. The focus of the project will be on chain models of AMMs, with the simplest variant being the classic mass–spring chain system. We aim to use nonlinearity in the continuum limit to control sound propagation over much wider acoustic ranges than currently possible. This involves study of modulation instability in KdV/Schrödinger-type systems.


Requirements: Undergrad training in differential equations, mechanics and coding (e.g. MATLAB).

Further info: contact me and send a CV.

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